Right below you can see some of the projects I have worked on and ended up in a scientific paper. Further down on this page are some toy projects made just to learn some other techniques.
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Decision Support for Infection Outbreak Analysis: the case of the Diamond Princess cruise ship

Conference: 2021 IEEE Symp. Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI).
Code or Jupyter Notebook.

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Validation of no-reference image quality index for the assessment of digital mammographic images

Conference: SPIE Medical Imaging 2016: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment.

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Use of Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis to Reduce Radiation Dose in Digital Mammography

Conference: 2015 IEEE 28th Intl Symp. on Computer-Based Medical Systems.

Toy projects

Here are projects made for experimental purposes. I do them when I'm learning something new or I just want to try some techniques.

Click on the images to go to respective Github repository.